About us and our ...

The company Funkmietwagen Köln rrh. which has been managed by its owners up to now was founded in Cologne in 1984. Today, due to permanent expansion and renewal of our car pool, Funkmietwagen Köln rrh. is one of the leading offerers in the field of passenger transport and courier services mainly for the greater Cologne area.

... philosophy

As a service provider in the field of passenger transport the individual is the centre of our attention. This starts in our own company with the permanent training of our staff members who are connected with our optimal, dynamic customer service.

... products

Whether pure passenger transport, courier or messenger services – we are the competent partner. The name Funkmietwagen Köln rrh. is the guarantee for safe, relaxed and prompt transport at unparalled prices.


... environment

Environmentally conscious acting is a superior philosophy of the company. We put this into practice with our vehicles which meet all emission standards.

... imagination about serving you

Acting customer-orientated is our goal! Therefore, we are at your disposal 24 hours on 365 days a year. Our modern control centre enables us to handle and put into practice the demands of our customers within a few minutes only.

... chauffeur hire car service (german: Funkmietwagen)

Many customers do not know what the difference is between a radio hire car and the taxi. In comparison with a radio hire car a taxi can be identified at the first glance by its outside signage and colour immediately. Radio hire cars do not have a taxi sign.

There are also differences in the price system. For hire cars there is more freedom in pricing than for a taxi service. We have absolutely identical prices at day and night. Radio hire cars are a special alternative to the classic taxi. While the fare for a taxi is composed of time and distance and is bound to the legally provided rates, with the radio hire car the customer only pays each kilometre of distance. Thus the customer does not pay for the waiting times at traffic lights, working sites or hold-ups.